FAQ page

How to register?

Log in to our registration form and submit all the necessary field for registration process.

After registration, how I will access my service  ?

asthamarry.com customer service team will provide all necessary service or you can call us  on +91-033- 2560 0088 /08420708882  and we will assist you.

How many profiles do you show in a month or in a week?

There is no fixed number of profiles that we show in a month or any period.

How do you show profiles?

We show profiles via email, courier service, via messenger  or you can simply see the profiles on our website  asthamarry.com

Do you courier profiles? Will someone come home to show profiles?

Yes, if required, And our personal verification service expert will visit one’s doorstep.  

Who fixes the meeting? (Only for Elite & Exclusive Members)

Astha Marriage Bureau can fix a meeting or if both sides show interest in each other, we then exchange contact details so you can  fix the meeting at your convenience. No Astha ‘s representative will be allowed to present during any meeting.

Do you have a website where we can see profiles?

Yes you can get all the details. But only selective members can see the contact details of any member. Also the contact details will be visible only if the opposite member accepts your interest.

What are your membership charges?

We have many different memberships for you to choose from. Elite Class Membership,Exclusive Class Membership,Economic Class Membership, etc. All charges are monthly basis you can avail discount bonus by paying at a time basis .  

Is there any other charge?

No other hidden or extra charges

What if I don’t find life partner through ASTHA ?

We are giving the opportunity to search the desire candidate’s profile before registration. We will provide you the similar match until and unless marriage being settled. But We do not guarantee that you will find a life partner through ASTHA, however we can assure you that we will try our best in showing you most suitable profiles.

How do we recognize the candidate at the meeting? Do you come at the meeting?

Candidates have to co-ordinate on phone or mail  and find each other. No Astha ‘s representative will be present at the meeting.

Refund Policy?

Sorry we do not have any refund policy.

What if I don’t have a computer or net access?

We will communicate with you both online as well as through courier post and by personal messenger service also .

Do you give ads in newspapers?

 Yes we can give and ads on the candidates behalf. For more details contact Astha Marriage Bureau

Why are you charging so much?

 We are providing so many services & all of this is a huge investment and there will be a cost attached to it. You will spend Lacks for your wedding; at least spend 0.1% to find the right partner

How do we pay the money?

You can pay by cash, cheque or Net Banking facility through UNITED BANK OF INDIA ,Bank Account Number ( 0677050009808  )  in favor of “ Astha” payable in Kolkata. You will get a receipt for either mode of payment.